Welcome to the Saskatchewan College of Midwives

Mission / Mandate / Role


The Saskatchewan College of Midwives (SCM) strives to ensure that its members provide competent and ethical care to the clients they serve. The SCM adopts standards that should ensure its members are responsive to individual and community needs. The SCM promotes a model of care for the profession of midwifery that encourages informed choice for the client and participation of women by providing standards and guidelines for the midwives that ensure a high quality of care and protection of the public. The SCM is responsive to the public and the College’s members.


The SCM mandate is to serve and protect the public interest by regulating midwifery practice in accordance with The Midwifery Act, Midwifery Regulations, the Regulatory Bylaws and other relevant legislation. The goal of the SCM is to register qualified, competent midwives to provide safe, high quality care to women and their families in the province of Saskatchewan.

Role Of the College

The SCM is the regulating or governing body for the profession of midwifery in the province of Saskatchewan. The SCM has the following duties and responsibilities:

  • To serve and protect the public;
  • To exercise its powers and discharge its responsibilities in the public interest;
  • To regulate the practice of the profession and to govern the members in accordance with the Act and the bylaws;
  • To assure the public of the knowledge, skill, proficiency and competency of members in the practice of midwifery.

The SCM operates under the principles of accountability, responsiveness, and accessibility. At the core of all College activity is the principle of serving and protecting the public. In order to do this, the College consults with members and others to develop standards and policies and works with other health professionals and health regulatory colleges and areas of government, which affect the practice of midwifery.